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Analyze Consulting was founded in 2007 with the purpose to help businesses get to the bottom of and solve business inefficiencies. The cornerstone of this dream is a passion for quality business analysis and project management.

We are motivated and rewarded by helping businesses be more efficient and solve problems.

We believe that the best way for us to do this is to start with a deep and thorough understanding of the problem or opportunity. The discipline and insight that we apply to this enables us to be confident and truly objective about defining the best possible solution.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice in solving business challenges through the appropriate use of technology, process and people.

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Niche Consulting firm in Cape Town

The value of working with a niche consulting firm

The word disruption seems to be the new norm when discussing just about anything related to technology, ways of working, business models, organisational culture and structures. Despite this, the consulting industry has remained relatively unaffected by disruption. It has, however seen the rise of many niche consulting firms that are looking to compete with the bigger and more established consulting houses…

Digital Transformation

How to unlock value through digital transformation

In any transformation journey it is important have a clear vision, strategy, road-map and goals to unite everybody and help drive the organisational change required. With these in place, digital transformation has the potential to unlock value in many areas of your business. Let’s explore five of these in more detail. Decision making Data is all around us, and everything we do generates more. Physical objects…

Customer Centric

How to make your business more customer centric

Businesses exist to meet the need for products and services within the marketplace. Customers are the consumers of these products and services, and without customers the need for your business will cease to exist. This means that customers are the most important factor in determining the success of your business. A customer-centric business holds customer satisfaction top of mind in everything…

Digital Transformation

How to approach digital transformation

The goal of a digital transformation programme is to be a truly customer-centric, responsive and collaborative business. The journey to get there is a challenging one but, by focusing on the right enablers and core competencies it is achievable – here’s how: Key enablers A clear and transparent strategy is required. This needs to include the vision and a roadmap of the practical steps required to move from…

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation challenges to keep an eye out for and how to address them

No journey is complete without a few challenges along the way. This is especially true when you are venturing into new territory. When undertaking a transformation journey we know that challenges in the people, process and technology spaces of your business are a reality. The key is how you deal with them and implement sustainable change that, not only solves the challenge, but enables responsiveness, collaboration and rapid…