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Analyze Consulting was founded in 2007 with the purpose to help businesses get to the bottom of and solve business inefficiencies. The cornerstone of this dream is a passion for quality business analysis and project management.

We are motivated and rewarded by helping businesses be more efficient and solve problems.

We believe that the best way for us to do this is to start with a deep and thorough understanding of the problem or opportunity. The discipline and insight that we apply to this enables us to be confident and truly objective about defining the best possible solution.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice in solving business challenges through the appropriate use of technology, process and people.

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The very real reasons why people resist change

Some say change is as good as a holiday, but the reality is that to many people out there, change is not something they’re comfortable with at all.  It can be a very unsettling experience – one which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. For companies to be successful in rolling out change, they need to be cognisant of the reasons why people resist change to ensure that they put mitigation actions in place to avoid these. Through our experience assisting clients with various change management processes, we’ve identified the following as the top reasons why people resist change:

Agile tools

5 Tools that are trending within the agile world

s more and more companies are embracing agile techniques to shorten their delivery timelines and create better synergies with their customers’ needs, the demand for tools to help manage the process has led to the evolution of tons of great agile project management and development tools.  But with so many tools on the market, the process of finding the right one can be tricky.  To help you decide,

Analyze Consulting achieves Level 3 B-BBEE rating

Analyze Consulting is proud to announce that we have achieved a Level 3 score from our recent B-BBEE verification.   At Analyze we have adopted a growth and development strategy that aims to realize South Africa’s economic potential by diversifying the work place and advancing the country’s economic transformation. This is in line with one of our key values of being people-focused – which holds valuing relationships and striving for a fair balance of good for all key stakeholders, at the heart of our business.   We achieved this result through a focus on business practices that are vital for transformation while having valuable operational benefit:   Analyze Supplier Policy – We prioritise empowered suppliers, particularly exempt micro enterprises and black owned businesses. Analyze Community Involvement – We support enterprise development and socio-economic development within non-profit organisations and small black owned enterprises, through financial support and pro-bono consulting services. Analyze Skills Development Program – In addition to developing our team, we provide financial support and skills development to students studying Information Systems, through our Analyze bursary scheme and learnership. Analyze Empowerment Trust – As a shareholder in Analyze, the Analyze Empowerment Trust is mandated to provide financial assistance and support for the education of previously disadvantaged, black females.   We strive to continue contributing to South Africa’s economic transformation in the years to come – unlocking value in our bid to help our clients and our country, to make business better.  

Artificial intelligence

How can artificial intelligence be applied to your business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff only movie plots are made of, today it has become a key component of computer science research & development which is providing very real solutions for changing the way companies do business. Facebook, Netflix, Google, Tesla Motors and Apple are only some of the big companies out there who have embraced AI with great success.  But what does AI mean for those companies who may not be in the position to transform their entire business or invest…

hybrid project management

Hybrid project management – passing trend or a project delivery breakthrough?

As industries and customer needs change, the way we manage our projects need to change along with it.  What used to work 10 years ago unfortunately cannot guarantee success today.  If we’re not flexible in the way we approach project management, we will get left behind in a world where continuous improvement has become a necessity to survive. For a very long time the Waterfall method dominated the world of project management as everyone adopted the understanding that a project consisted

cellphones in meetings

Should we be banning cellphones in meetings?

When was the last time you sat down to read a book or watch a movie without any message or app notification disruptions?  Were you able to leave your phone until you had read that last chapter or watched the movie to the end?  There may still be a few strong people out there, but for most of us, the answer is probably no. Digital overload has become a real problem and it’s starting to affect our productivity, particularly in meetings.  If you really think about it, it’s now become the norm to see a room full of

Cost & effort estimations – not just a guessing game

According to a study done by IBM, only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget and quality goals.  That’s certainly not a statistic to be proud of in any way.  This begs the question:  What are we doing wrong?  One stance takes a look back at where the project began and what was estimated with regards to project cost & effort in the first place.  Were the estimations way off base?  Could more have been done to get to a more accurate projection?