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Governance, Risk & Compliance

We provide the necessary structures, processes and technology recommendations to ensure that Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is fully integrated into business operations. This ensures that GRC is providing you with proactive insights that allow you to manage business effectively.

What we offer
  1. Setting-up governance
    • Defining policies, processes, risks and controls
    • Assessing the effectiveness of controls across people, processes and technology
    • Defining requirements to address and resolve any governance gaps
  2. Managing risk
    • Identifying and categorising risks across the business
    • Conducting business impact analyses
    • Defining risk mitigation plans and management structures
  3. Ensuring compliance
    • Defining processes, risks and controls to ensure compliance
    • Assessing impacts to processes, people and technology
    • Defining requirements to address and resolve any compliance gaps
How you benefit

As GRC Specialists, we help you achieve your business goals, address uncertainty and maintain the business’ integrity:

  • We ensure GRC plays a supportive role during strategy execution
  • We align GRC activities across the business to create business efficiency and effectiveness
  • We define scalable solutions to ensure that they grow with the business
  • We identify opportunities for automation with a full understanding of the impact to the broader business

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