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Case Studies

At Analyze, we’re committed to staying curious and learning from every opportunity – gleaning invaluable insights and hard-won lessons along the way. Have a look through our case studies below.
Mining Case Study 2

Mining Services

Procurement & Sourcing Standardisation

As articulated by our multinational mining client: “We needed to take our existing practices and formalise them – clearly documenting it so that every stakeholder in every region could then quickly refer back when needed, and easily understand the process, as well as their various roles and responsibilities. Spread over multiple time zones, countries and cultures, our final solution needed to have a fair amount of flex built into it. At the same time, it could leave no room for undue influence or the overlapping of duties – ensuring compliance at the highest level.” Read more

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Financial Services

Driving Future Efficiencies

A Financial Services client approached Analyze Consulting to unpack challenges within their Administration business unit. We used an evidence-based approach to consolidate all the business challenges into eight primary issues that required action. We developed a six-phase roadmap that provided the foundation for a remediation programme to correct the identified issues. This client provides a range of financial services to investors across both corporate and retail markets. The client’s business had shown significant growth across private and corporate assets. Read more

Resolving expense claim process issues 1

Professional Services

Unlocking Improvements

A client within the Professional Services industry approached Analyze Consulting to assist them in resolving their expense claim process issues. Analyze Consulting successfully assisted the client by identifying the expense claim process gaps, performing business analysis activities, and assisting with the implementation of a new expense claim system to help alleviate some of the identified gaps. The client had developed an expense claim system in 2014 as an interim solution to manage expense claims… Read more

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B-BBEE Framework

Analyze Consulting was engaged to manage a B-BBEE project for a client who was struggling with process and data inefficiencies that were affecting their ability to manage, collect and report on B-BBEE-related data. As a result of these inefficiencies, our client had received an unfavourable audit score and was required to put corrective actions in place to address the various issues identified as part of the audit. To assist our client in achieving their goal of an improved B-BBEE score, Analyze Consulting developed… Read more.

improving pricing

Professional Services

Improved Pricing Experience

A client within the Professional Services industry was having a hard time bidding for work due to their pricing, and they were not able to provide accurate fee estimates to clients due to discrepancies within their pricing model. The client approached Analyze Consulting to help them source a system that would enable them to price their offering better and derive pricing insights from previous proposals. This system also needed to provide their clients with more accurate and consistent fee estimates as required by industry regulations. Analyze Consulting successfully … Read more

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Business Strategy

Process Improvement & Strategy Alignment

Organisations are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their offerings and services. In some instances, this results in the need to re-strategise and produce new ways of working to support this new strategy. Analyze Consulting was engaged by an Information Security firm that had recently undergone a strategic review and therefore needed to realign their structures and processes accordingly. To do this, they first needed a clear understanding of their business value chain along with fully documented business processes… Read more

Cover 7

Business Transformation

Change Leadership

Just 26% of organisational transformational change initiatives are considered to be successful. Include a software implementation as a key dependency to that change and it is likely that those odds will be even less. This makes having a robust Change Management toolkit a key input to address the challenges presented by a transformational change initiative.  The challenge: The change required the replacement of existing software which had been used and embedded in the business…Read more

improving process efficiency min 1

Professional Services

Process Efficiencies

A client within the Professional Services industry engaged Analyze Consulting to establish a clear view of the roles, responsibilities, tasks and timelines involved in their annual remuneration review process. They wanted to ensure that this process was streamlined, optimised and well managed. Analyze Consulting successfully achieved this goal by analysing the client’s As-Is remuneration processes, which allowed them to identify any bottlenecks or inconsistencies in their review process… Read more

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Enhanced Service Delivery

Analyze Consulting was approached by a hospital trust to assist in improving process efficiency at a South African tertiary hospital. The trust works closely with the hospital by providing funding for projects. The hospital hoped to improve the quality of service delivery throughout its clinics by applying practical, cost-effective solutions to problem areas. To achieve this, Analyze Consulting assisted them in identifying major areas of inefficiency, the root causes of these inefficiencies and solutions for improvement. Valuable insights were revealed through data collection… Read more

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Non Profit Organisation

Driving Efficiencies

Analyze Consulting successfully assisted the operations team of a large non-profit organisation (NPO) to gain a clear understanding of their business, processes and key objectives which effectively enabled them to determine the way forward for their organisation.

Problem statement from client: “We are having difficulty finalising our year end as a number of systems issues have prevented us from closing several month-ends. Reconciliation is going to be challenging as we have to do it manually and we simply do not have the time”. Read more

Cover 5 min

Client Service

Root Cause Analysis

Analyze Consulting was approached by an organisation that was considering re-organising their client facing teams. The key problem at hand was poor client service levels and the business hoped to improve the quality of work and speed of response to client needs. To do this, they needed to clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of each client facing team. Analyze Consulting successfully assisted them in identifying roles and unpacking the scope of work performed by each team. Further insights were… Read more

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