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What We Offer

At Analyze Consulting, we provide a comprehensive range of services that help businesses identify and address their challenges, as well as seize new opportunities. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs, and develop tailored solutions that drive results and maximize your potential for success.


Our Service Offering Covers The Complete Spectrum Of Business Challenges, Including But Not Limited To:

Strategy Execution

Driving Results Through Effective Implementation

We work with you to reach your strategic goals. Moreover, our implementation expertise can help you select, design and manage the delivery of business and technology solutions.​ This is achieved through our Business Analysis and Project Leadership skills.

Business Process Optimisation

Streamlining Operations for Maximum Efficiency

We help you to understand your business structure, capabilities and processes. In doing so, we can enable your strategy and allow you to find opportunities for continuous improvement and smart automation.

Change Leadership and Business Transformation

Navigating Change with Confidence

By understanding your need for change we build the leadership skills and behaviors needed to develop change leadership that enables your long-term business success.
Our business and technical expertise spans across various industries in the following disciplines: Business Process Engineering | Business Requirements AnalysisProject & Programme Management | Strategy | Data Analysis | Solution Selection | Quality Assurance

How We Work & The Benefits To You

We believe business considerations and solutions come before IT solutions

We are a company that focuses on business solutions that add real value rather than responding to opportunistic demands and sales pressure.

We have built our business success through the successful improvements to our clients’ businesses

We have designed our business model, recruitment and remuneration structures to ensure excellence.

We have a long-term orientation

We establish deep-rooted relationships with clients who share our long-term approach to solving business problems in a sustainable manner.

Our team of people is paramount to bringing out the best from our process and technology

We embrace our A+ principles and values which are supported by our academic grounding, developed skillset and well equipped toolbox, to allow us to deliver the best solution to our clients.

Examples Of Projects We Have Worked On Previously

What was the challenge that needed to be solved?What did we do?
“We need a better way to manage procurement”Defined the business requirements and helped client to select a software solution (via RFP)
“We need to replace an aging, bespoke software application”Performed a technology assessment and made recommendations
“We need a way to better manage our human resources”Defined business requirements, helped the client to select a software solution (via RFP), did project management and quality assurance
“We need to rationalise the use of technology throughout our business”A technology assessment, process analysis, gap analysis and made recommendations
“We need to justify our project and get help in implementing it”Defined the business case and did a business requirements analysis as well as a functional analysis
“We want to better understand and improve our IT service desk processes”Process analysis, business requirements analysis and a functional requirement analysis
“We want to manage our interaction and journey with key customers and stakeholders”Defined the business requirements, selected a solution (RFI and RFP) and did project management
“We have a critical flaw in one of our software solutions and need to understand the business impact”Defined the problem and analysed the reach of the flaw that impacted numerous areas of the business
“We want to understand and improve our software development lifecycle”Process analysis and made recommendations
“We need to manage a province-wide literacy and numeracy assessment”Project management and data analysis

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