About Analyze

Analyze Consulting was founded in 2007 with the purpose to help businesses get to the bottom of and solve business inefficiencies. The cornerstone of this dream is a passion for quality business analysis and project management.

We are motivated and rewarded by helping businesses be more efficient and solve problems.

We believe that the best way for us to do this is to start with a deep and thorough understanding of the problem or opportunity. The discipline and insight that we apply to this enables us to be confident and truly objective about defining the best possible solution.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice in solving business challenges through the appropriate use of technology, process and people.

What We Offer

/What We Offer

Our service offering covers the complete spectrum of identifying and solving business challenges successfully, as well as identifying business opportunities.

Our business and technical expertise spans across various industries in the following disciplines:

Business Analysis | Project Management | Programme Management | Requirements Analysis | Business and IT Strategy | Business Process Re-engineering | Data Analysis | Solution Selection (RFI /RFP) | Quality Assurance | Testing

Our skill sets position us as:

implementation, Project Management
Implementation Specialists
Managing project delivery successfully

We work with you to reach your strategic goals by using our implementation expertise to help you select, design and manage the delivery of business and technology solutions.​ We achieve this by using our Business Analysis and Project Management skills.

Business Process Improvement, BPM
Business Process Specialists
Enabling business process improvement & smart automation

We help you to understand your business structure, capabilities and processes to enable your strategy and to find opportunities for continuous improvement and smart automation.

Governance, Compliance, Risk
GRC Specialists
Supporting your goals to manage, grow & progress business

We provide the necessary structures, processes and technology recommendations to ensure that Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is fully integrated into business operations.

How we work & the benefits to you

We believe business considerations and solutions come before IT solutions
  • We focus on improving long-term business performance, rather than implementing an isolated IT solution.
  • We are a fiercely independent private company, which means we can minimise external factors.
  • We don’t respond to opportunistic demands and sales pressure in the market for additional products but choose to focus on business solutions that add real value to our clients.
We have built our business success through the successful improvements to our clients’ businesses
  • We analyse our clients’ challenges as we would our own.
Your trust in us is paramount
  • We aim to earn your trust through our business ethics and honest and transparent communication – not promising what we cannot deliver.
We are performance-driven
  • We have designed our business model, recruitment and remuneration structures to encourage excellence.
We have a long-term orientation
  • Our approach is long-term in nature. We aim to establish long-term relationships with clients who believe in us and share our conviction in our approach to solving business problems.
  • We also make considered and long-term decisions – we are product agnostic, but stay abreast of the latest trends.
  • We believe the disciplined application of our skills can add value and be enduring by nature.
Our team of people is paramount to bringing out the best from our process and technology
  • Our academic grounding shapes the way we think and do research.
  • Our tools and skills gives us a good understanding of technology and business (SDLC, modelling, business analysis artefacts).
  • Our analytical ability enables us to understand why, unpack the problem, look for the root cause, see the relationship between elements, and to ask the right questions.
  • We facilitate sensible and constructive communication through presentations, questioning techniques, written communication, and relationship building.

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