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Modern Change Management Requires a Leadership Way of Being

Why is change leadership of importance?

The impact of change has become more prominent in the past two decades, but the pandemic has accelerated its pace. The new normal has led us to understand that change is inevitable and continuous, making it necessary for change management to adopt a new approach. Traditional change management strategies focus on a process or event-driven approach, but today’s change environment calls for a leadership-focused approach, where leaders must embrace change as a way of being.

Leaders must understand that change affects individuals emotionally and intellectually, leading to different experiences and responses. The focus of change management needs to shift to the people-oriented approach, taking into consideration the cognitive and emotional responses of the employees. This can be achieved by having a clear purpose, which acts as a solid anchor or safety net during the disruption of change.

Skills and Culture

Leaders must develop the skills to embrace change and lead a company culture that welcomes it. This requires high levels of self-awareness and self-mastery, which allows leaders to choose their response to change and lead their teams effectively. It also requires a proactive approach to change, where leaders take the lead in setting the change direction and engaging their teams in a meaningful way.

People and relationships

People and the relationships they build with each other and the customer play a crucial role in the success of change management. As a way of being, it presents a huge opportunity for businesses to thrive, but it is the people and the relationships they build that set businesses apart. Embracing a people-oriented approach to change management differentiates one business from another, and it is the foundation of how a business operates.


In conclusion, change management must evolve to meet the new demands of a rapidly changing environment. Leaders must embrace change as a way of being and develop the skills to lead their teams effectively. A people-oriented approach to change management is essential in ensuring the success of change initiatives, and it sets businesses apart by building strong relationships with employees and customers.

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