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5 Ways in which consultants can help your business

A consultant is defined as a person who provides expert advice professionally. But when does it make sense to hire one?

Many businesses struggle with this question. Cost usually plays a factor, as well as the concern that hiring an external party will create the impression that your own skills are lacking. But the advantages of using consultants far outweigh these types of concerns.

If you’re currently struggling with a business problem or embarking on a new initiative, consider these 5 ways in which consultants can help your business:

  1. Get an outsider’s perspective
    Sometimes you’re just too close to a problem to see it clearly. Personal feelings, company culture and staff dynamics can also impact on a company’s ability to solve a particular problem. A consultant is able to come in with a fresh perspective and an impartial position. They are therefore able to provide objective advice based purely on their experience and observations.
  2. Gain access to specialised skills
    Projects often require specialised skills that are either scarce or non-existent within your own company. Consultants not only fill these gaps, but can also transfer knowledge and skill to your team in order for your business to benefit long after the consultant’s contract has come to an end.
  3. Supplement your staff compliment to reach short to medium term goals
    A full-time employee is a long term investment which includes having to think about employee benefits, ongoing training and development and career management. Consultants do not require any of these considerations. Therefore, even if consultants come with a higher hourly rate, over the long term it’s still more cost effective to employ their services as and when needed.
  4. Focus on your core business
    Projects tend to add additional pressure on employees who are already functioning at full capacity. Consultants free up your team to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities, ensuring that your business can still operate as needed. Consultants also do not have any distractions. They are engaged to focus on a specific task at hand and are therefore able to deliver within shorter timeframes.
  5. Consultants can be agents of change
    Due to a consultant’s independent and objective position, they are normally best placed to drive change throughout an organisation. This is because they are not influenced by how things have been done historically or affected by pre-existing employee dynamics or emotions.

At Analyze, we’ve seen the impact that our consultants have on the growth and development of our clients’ businesses. We also have the added benefit of having a multi-skilled team with experience across a variety of industries. This ensures that we’re able to place the best fit consultant for every specific client need.

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  1. Nice article Cathy.
    You are spot on.
    We don’t take on a client if there is not a consultant assisting the client to implement the software.
    Even though the software is so simple but powerful, it is the person touch and guidance that is the success.

  2. Nice knowledge-gaining article. post is the best on this valuable topic. I like your explanation of the topic and your ability to do work. I found your post very interesting on consultancy.

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