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Consulting in Cape Town

How you will experience working with us

All companies have a vision, strategy and set of values that define their organisation and their way of working. The differentiating factor, when it comes to customer experience, is whether the values of the organisation are apparent in every interaction you have with them.

The beauty of being a smaller consulting firm is that we have a culture that lives and breathes our values in everything we do.  Our leadership team sets the tone, with a “do as I do” style of leadership. Behaviour is an infectious thing, and by setting the tone and demonstrating this behaviour, it naturally filters down through the organisation. A smaller company culture also means regular get-togethers with knowledge and project experience sharing sessions.

So how exactly will you experience working with us?

All our consultants hold themselves personally accountable for delivery. This means they own and drive things forward with very little guidance needed from the client’s side. Communicating in a clear and transparent manner ensures our clients are always well informed, while dealing with challenges in a positive and collaborative manner builds good working relationships within the client environment.

One of the benefits our clients receive when working with us is Principal Consultant oversight of all deliverables. This gives our clients direct access to our broader team and the wealth of experience our Principal Consultants bring. It is also important for us, as it keeps our consultants connected even when they are on client sites, allowing them to share any challenges and test their ideas. This ensures the highest level of quality. It also disseminates knowledge within Analyze, which mitigates risk from a resourcing and domain knowledge point of view.

A growth mindset is actively encouraged within Analyze, as teaching and learning forms part of our daily activities. This translates to value for our clients as our consultants share their knowledge and experience with those around them, as part of their normal working practice. It is not unusual for us to act as mentors to our client’s people during engagements. This in turn leaves the client’s teams and environments a richer place when the engagement comes to an end.

It is our nature to fulfil our commitments to each other, treat each other with respect and embrace diversity. We are always looking to exceed both our clients and our own expectations in everything we do, while remembering to have fun, and not to take ourselves too seriously. You will experience this in the way that we listen to you, gain an understanding of your needs though curious enquiry and do everything we can do deliver outcomes that improve your business in a way that compliments your company culture.

We firmly believe that delivering business outcomes that add value in a customer centric way, is vital to forming long standing partnerships with our clients.

There is only one way for you to be sure, and that is to experience working with us yourself. So, drop us a line to get in touch and let’s get a conversation started.

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